About Us

Hello!  We are the Romant family, Katie, Andrew, Jackson, and Caroline, the owners of TinkerTots Boxes!

We created TinkerTots Boxes to make life a little easier by creating activities for toddlers and moms to spend time together. As a working mom (like which mom isn’t!) it was challenging to find the time and energy to research and prepare fun and creative activities.  To be honest, it usually fell lower on the list of priorities while trying to simply survive day-to-day life.  I found myself turning on a movie, handing them a tablet or pulling out some toys hoping to buy a few minutes to cross something off the to-do list,  sound familiar?  I quickly realized I was missing important and exciting developmental moments, moments which I would never get back, that’s what motivated my creating TinkerTots Boxes.

Life with children is wonderful.  And exhausting. Nothing can ever be perfect, but the memories that keep us going are the ones we share with our little ones. We hope those are the memories you’ll make with every TinkerTots box that lands on your doorstep.  

We can’t thank you enough for your support and choosing TinkerTots Boxes for your family and we look forward to seeing those busy little hands enjoy their box of fun!